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Do it alone or do it together as a family.

  • Access to the Facebook Group (or we can e-mail the curriculum to you)
  • Daily Journal Pages
  • A variety of fun workouts by a variety of teachers
    • zumba, yoga, conditioning, strength, etc
  • Weekly activities/exercises like
    • Respect Bingo
    • Habit Tracker
    • Thank you Notes
    • Wordfinds and Crossword Puzzles
  • Short breathing, mindfulness, meditation and nutrition lessons

Arete Warriors At Home

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We are adapting this program to meet the needs of people everywhere who are isolated from their usual activities and friends. This is a temporary option to learn and practice the Arete Warrior content at home with your family, or alone.

2 reviews for Arete Warriors At Home

  1. Jameela Khadiwala

    This is such an amazing program! With everything we have to do for our kids these days, it’s SO NICE having a class that helps in our effort to instill positive habits and skills in our children. Jill incorporates fun into working out and teaching a growth mindset. My two boys (9 and 11) enjoyed taking the class and it helped them to understand how to make good habits. I think it would be even more impactful to a 12 or 13 year old so I will definitely have them do it again!

  2. Krista M Rippons

    This class has been a fun way to learn about, practice and integrate good exercise and healthy eating habits. Arete Warriors sparks genuine interest in personal accountability for mental health and responsibility through FUN activities. It’s awesome to watch our son self-motivate to strengthen his body and mind and to ask more more veggies!

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Arete Warrior Moms

“I am blown away by the work and effort and depth of this initiative. It is EVERYTHING I want for my boys. Hard work + commitment, tenderness + kindness, loving your body + taking care of it and so much more. I love the opportunity for them to hear it through someone else. Thank you!”

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“My son is eating vegetables! Thank you!”

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